YAM Tunku Zain Al-'Abidin Ibni Tuanku Muhriz

After losing 2020 to Covid-19, I’m once again happy to support the 5th SoundBridge Festival, held virtually.  Now, more than ever, humanity need to bridge different geographies, cultures and traditions

Music is the best vehicle for these aspects of civilisation and this is what makes the SoundBridge Festival so pertinent and noble at this time in history.

Congratulations to all involved and may we all bridge towards normality soon!

YAM Tunku Zain Al-'Abidin Ibni Tuanku Muhriz

The patron of Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC)

Mr. Ouyang Yujing

Chinese Ambassador H.E.

Messages from Chinese Ambassador H.E.

Mr. Ouyang Yujing for the 5th Soundbridge 2021 Virtual Festival

Hosted by Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC), the 5th Soundbridge 2021 Virtual Festival is going to be held virtually soon. On behalf of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia, I would like to congratulate on the event.

To quote a line from a Chinese poem, the melody of a Chinese zither is the pure soulmate of mine. It means that our heart can be deeply touched by music. As the trans-cultural language, arts set up bridges among different peoples, while music is the shared mental nourishment of all mankind. The Soundbridge project has been successfully held for 4 editions. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the performances will be moved to online platforms this year. This will definitely attract more audiences who love music to join. I was informed by the organising committee that more than 100 musicians and artists from China, Germany, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions will join the festival. By sharing their works, they will exchange with artists and audiences from all over the world, and bring us an audio-visual feast. 

“Exchanges and mutual learning will sustain a civilization’s development. A civilization can flourish only through exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations.” Soundbridge is such a bridge for artistic appreciation, for civilization exchanges, and for universal understanding. My gratitude goes to SMCC for organizing this event, and setting up a platform for exchanges and mutual learning among different cultures. I believe, this event will bring us hope and positive energy into our mind at the time of pandemic.

Wish the 5th Soundbridge 2021 Virtual Festival a great success!

Tazul Tajuddin, Dr, Associate Professor

Dean and Associate Professor in Composition at the Faculty of Music, UiTM

President of Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC)

Hello and greetings everyone!

I’m Tazul Izan Tajuddin, I’m the president of SMCC (Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers). 

I would like to welcome all of you to the Soundbridge Festival this year and I would like to express many thanks to Dr Chong Kee Yong who is the organising committee to this event and festival. I would like to welcome all our participants, all our composers and all our musicians from Malaysia Asia and other countries, and thank you again for participating in this wonderful festival. 

To the organizing committee, I would like to express gratitude and thank you for providing this platform to the committee, music committee and composers in Malaysia. It’s a wonderful project because it features a lot of composers and compositions from Malaysia, Asia and other countries. It’s also a wonderful collaboration with all musicians that are involved in this project and festival.

I would like to thank Dr Chong again for making this event happen. As for and on behalf of SMCC, we are delighted to collaborate with the Soundbridge festival and to make this happen. Once again, I want to thank you all for being here and thank you all for listening to these wonderful new works by new composers and musicians who are performing new works in this festival. 

With this, I welcome you again and I hope you will enjoy the event in the Soundbridge Festival!

Dr. Markus Litz

Director Goethe-Institut Malaysia

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Goethe-Institut Malaysia is very glad to be invited to cooperate with the SoundBridge Festival yet again.

With pleasure we have been cooperating with the festival right from its first edition in 2013.

SoundBridge stands for contemporary and new music, innovation, cross-media approaches and intercultural exchange between artists from East and West. We are particularly happy that the renowned musician Maximilian Riefer from Germany is taking part in this years edition of the Festival.

He is currently Head of the New Music Profile at the University of Music in the city of Lübeck, percussionist and conductor, Member of the Lizard Ensemble Linz, Head of the percussion department at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Malaysian from 2015 to 2020, Guest lecturer at universities in Japan, China, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Artist in residence Maximilian Riefer gives a lecture concert „Malaysian Voices VI“ with Adam Sharawi and Aris Huzaimi on November 12th 2021, and we are all looking forward to this inspiring event.

Another contributor from Germany is the Ensemble Musikfabrik.

Ever since its formation, Ensemble Musikfabrik has had the reputation of being one of the leading ensembles for contemporary music. Following the literal meaning of its name, Ensemble Musikfabrik is particularly dedicated to artistic innovation. New, unknown, and often personally commissioned works in unusual media are typical of their productions. The results of their extensive work, usually taking place in close collaboration with the composers, are presented by the Cologne-based international soloist ensemble in about 80 concerts a year in both Germany and abroad, at Festivals, in their own series “Musikfabrik in WDR” and in regular radio recordings and CD productions.

Enjoy Ensemble Musikfabrik as well as conductor Peter Veale on 11th and 12th November, as part of the opening programme, a miniature portrait concert on Dieter Mack as well as in the series „Connecting citites-IV“.

I congratulate the organizers of the SoundBridge Festival 2021, SMCC and Studio C, and wish the festival great success and all participants and visitors challenging online events and an enriching virtual festival experience.